How to connect an existing ORCID to Pure

These instructions are for adding and connecting an ORCID to your Pure account so that content in Pure is regularly exported to ORCID.  You can also follow these instructions if you have previously added your ORCID and now want to export your Pure content to ORCID. 

NOTE: After following these instructions, you must Save your changes in Pure, using the blue button at the bottom of the window.

1. Log into Pure.

2. a) If you haven’t yet added an ORCID to Pure, click on Edit profile from your Personal Overview. Then click on Create or Connect your ORCID ID.

b) If you previously added your ORCID iD to Pure but haven’t yet synchronised it, click on Authorise export of content to ORCID.


3. A message will appear that advises you will be taken to the ORCID website and lists which information Pure will export. Click on Proceed.

4. The window will then redirect to an ORCID authorisation page that is linked to the ORCID website.

5. Enter your ORCID password and click on the Authorize button.

6. You should see a message in your Pure profile record to confirm that you have successfully created your ORCID and exported your Pure content initially, and that future exports will occur.

7. Ensure you press the blue Save button at the bottom of your Pure profile record. If you don’t Save your changes, your connection to ORCID will be lost.

Details about the export from Pure to ORCID

When you first authorise the synchronisation from Pure to ORCID, the following Pure details are exported to ORCID:

The Pure to ORCID synchronisation is daily, so any changes or additions in Pure will be exported to ORCID within 24 hours.  However, you can export your Pure content manually by logging into your Pure Profile and clicking on Export next to your ORCID iD:


 If at any time you wish to stop the Pure/ORCID synchronization you will need to remove Pure as a trusted organisation underneath your ORCID account settings: