Research ethics

The University is globally recognised for the quality of its research. In order to maintain and uphold the high standards of our research we continue to undertake initiatives to ensure that integrity, ethics and excellence are at the core of our research activities and fully embedded in our research culture. Please refer to the Statement on Research Integrity for further information.

We are concerned with protecting the rights, dignity, health, safety and privacy of research subjects, the welfare of animals and the integrity of the environment. The University is also concerned with protecting the health, safety, rights and academic freedom of researchers and the reputation of the University as a centre for high-quality research. All research involving human participants, their tissue and/or data should undergo an ethical review.

The University's Ethics of Research Policy and Procedure (PDF, 195kB)

Note: If research is undergoing an NHS or Social Care ethical review then secondary ethical review by the University is not required.

What type of ethical review do I require?

NHS research ethics review

Any research that involves:

Please refer to HRA checklist for full details.

Social care research ethics review

Adult social care research including research funded by the Department of Health and research with adults lacking capacity.

University ethics review

Research that has ethical implications or involves human participants, their tissue and/or data but which does not fall into the above categories.

See also: University policy on working with animals.

If you are unsure about the type of ethical review that is required please refer to the Online Research Ethics Management System (OREMS) or e-mail