ESRC IAA awarded projects

School of Arts

Mhairi Gibson - The demographic impact of development: engaging with the charitable sector to design and implement effective intervention in rural Ethiopa

Mhairi Gibson - The demographic impact of development: from engagement to policy change in Africa


Bristol Medical School

Suzanne Audrey - Innovation in inclusive walking to deliver co-benefits in transport and public health in Bristol

Emer Brangan - Evidence to improve peer support service improvements - Brigstowe collaboration

Lucy Biddle - CReating an Internet Safer for Individuals feeling Suicidal: The CRISIS Programme

Gene Feder - IRISi Ltd – Social Enterprise Set Up and Support

Fiona Fox - Promoting culturally sensitive services to support Somali families affected by autism

Carol Joinson - Increasing understanding of the needs of young people with continence problems at secondary school

Joanna Kesten - Supporting the implementation of fundings on the acceptability of low dead space syringes for people who inject drugs

Myles Jay Linton - Implementing research findings into practice in a community-based mental healthcare context

Patrica Neville - Using ethnodramas to initiate and sustain dialogues about race and everyday racism in Bristol Dental School

Lucy Potter - Co-production of primary healthcare for street sex working women

Joe Webb and Val Williams - Forget-me-not dementia training


School of Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Engineering Maths

Kirsten Cater and Keir Williams - Developing a new enterprise education model for ex-offenders

Kirsten Cater and Stuart Gray - Using gamification to engage children for eye tests


School of Economics, Finance and Management

Vanessa Beck - Tackling the taboo - learning about menopause transitions 

Adriana Korczak and Piotr Korczak - Directors Deals Ltd

Harry Pitts - Indycube

Harry Pitts - Developing New Ways of Doing and Valuing Professional Work in an Age of Digital Transformation

Emma Slade - Digital Decisions: Exploring perceptions of risk, security and privacy across the technology landscape

Fiona Spotswood - Bristol and Gloucester Girls Can: Shaping mothering practice routines

Evarist Stoja - Modelling the relationship between financial market volatility and the macroeconomic environment

Xiaojun Wang - An evaluation of environmental sustainability: a comparative analysis of recipe boxes and supermarket equivalents from a life cycle perspective


School of Education

Ioanna Bakopoulou - Bristol Supporting Spoken Language in the Classroom (SSLiC) 

Alf Coles - Using video for professional development in mathematics education

Alf Coles - Teaching and Learning Primary Mathematics

Lucy Kelly - Reimagining the Diary: writing and wellbeing for ‘busy’ teachers

Helen Knowler - Urban Pursuit Woodland Academy: designing, implementing and evaluating an outdoor curriculum  

Shelley McKeown-Jones - Shared space; promoting community cohesion in diverse school classrooms

Janet OrchardShelley McKeown-JonesAmanda Williams - Shared space: teachers and researchers sharing space to improve their knowledge and understanding of how to promote inter-religious and cultural dialogue in classrooms

Jo Rose - Everyday Maths resources: supporting teachers' engagement with parents around children's mathematics learning

Sally Thomas - Developing Research Impact of ITDEQC and IEEQC projects

Amanda Williams - Changing teacher practice


School of Geographical Sciences

Sara Davies - Make poverty premium history

Sean Fox - Bristol Voluntary Local Review of UN Sustainable Development Goals progress 

Sean Fox - Building local capacity to design and deliver a social policy programme in Sindh province, Pakistan

David Hayes - Establishing the relationship between financial management and mental well-being: an exploratory study of routes to effective research and impact

David Hayes - Mental Health and Personal Finance: routes to impact through strategic networks and seminars

Naomi Millner - Connecting cultures of biodiversity to enhance forestry livelihoods in Mesoamerica

Clive Sabel - Analysing the Happy City Index


School of Humanities

Emily Baughan - Save The Children Past, Present and Future: Policy and proximity to political power

Jo Crow - Mapping intercultural connections and conversations of the past

Madhu Krishnan - Literary entrepreneurship, Arts management and cultural industries on the African continent 


University of Bristol Law School

Dave Cowan -  15

Malcolm Evans - Strategies for tackling torture and improving prevention

Tomaso Ferrando - Communities, land rights and development banks’ complaint mechanism: co-constructing a strategy and a toolkit for future meaningful participation

Judy Laing - The impact of UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities on national mental health monitoring in the UK

Debra Long - Developing A Practical Guide for the Implementation of Individual Communications  

Morag McDermont - Advising in austerity; how Citizens Advice can adapt to uncertain times?

Sheelagh McGuinness - Death Before Birth: Improving the experience of registering a stillbirth

Rachel Murray - Strengthening the coordination, mandate and functioning of the UK NPM 

Margherita Pieraccini - Building environmental stewardship to address compliance gaps in the SINIS Marine Protected Area (Sardinia)

Devyani Prabhat - Children in Nationality Proceedings: Wellbeing and Best Interests 

Oliver Quick - Managing medical manslaughter cases: improving efficiency and transparency

Elina Steinerte - Developing the strategy and practical tools for the Dutch NPM’s engagement in situations when the Dutch prisons are leased by foreign governments to hold prisoners under their jurisdiction

Elina Steinerte - Devising monitoring tools for vulnerable groups in detention in Georgia


School of Modern Languages

Ruth Bush - Literary entrepreneurship, arts, management and culture industries on the African continent 

Ruth Bush - Literary translation workshops - evaluating social impact and global possibilties


Jo Crow - Mapping intercultural connections and conversations of the past

Martin Hurcombe - Putting a Positive Spin on the Story of Cycling

Edward King - Using Critical Data comics to explore digital literacies and  social inclusion in Brazil

Goya Wilson Vasquez and Matthew Brown - Digital interactive platform for dialogue and memory-work in Peru


School for Policy Studies

Sarah Ayres - Promoting 'informal governance' as a leadership asset; a case study of Bristol Pound

Lis Bates - Improving responses to violence against refugee and asylum-seeking women

Sandra Dowling and Beth Richards - People with learning disabilities on TV

Mark Edwards - FAB-Kids; an evidence-informed healthy lifestyles engagement project

Nathan Eisenstadt - Change-makers

Dave Gordon - Aiding Poverty Data and Analysis Capacity Development in the Pacific

Dave Gordon - Developing training tools to assist Pacific Island National Statistical Offices (NSOs) in the collection and analyses of data to assess multidimensional poverty for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Anne Haase - Talking through dietary change in T2DM: Translation of messages via survey and talking methods

Marianne Hester - Narrowing the 'justice gap' for victims of gender-based violence

Marianne Hester - Domestic abuse and violence: developing more effective responses in children and young people's social care 

Marianne Hester - Gendered experience of justice and domestic abuse - evidence for policy and practice

Pauline Heslop - Capturing the impact of mortality reviews of people with learning disabilities

Russ Jago - Developing and implementing a national award scheme to improve physical activity and dietary provision after-school

Natasha Mulvihill - Prostitution and sex work in England and Wales

Dendy Platt - C-Change Assessment of Parental Capacity to Change: Implementation Project

Caryn Peiffer - Unpacking the black box of political will in anti-corruption: lessons from ‘islands of integrity’ for anti-corruption interventions in Uganda and beyond

Jessica Roy - Scoping the feasibility of an online learning resource for social workers about parental substance misuse

Ann Singleton - A global migration data resource for research and policy 

David Sweeting - The Bristol Civic Leadership project: delivering practical benefits to the governance of Bristol

Jon Symonds - Recruiting fathers to family support services

Beth Tarleton - Promoting equality of support for parents with learning difficulties

Beth Tarleton - Renewing, recognising and embedding positive practice in working with parents with learning difficulties  

Debbie Watson - Difficult Conversations: developing research-led training in dealing with looked after and adopted children’s difficult life story questions

Val Williams and Joe Webb - Forget-me-not dementia training

Emma Williamson - Improving responses to violence against refugee and asylum-seeking women

Paul Willis - Creating inclusive care home environments for older LGBT+ people

Mary Zhang - Helping to Improve the Measurement of Multiple Malnutrition in Developing Countries



School of Psychological Science


Sarah Griffiths - The development of a tablet app for teaching emotion recognition to children with autism spectrum disorder in schools


Stephan Lewandowsky - When, not if: the inescapability of an uncertain future

Stephan Lewandowsky - Beyond Enlightenment 2.0: The roles of values, identities, and ethical communication in European policy making


Olivia Maynard - Wake up! and Talk it Out: Developing the potential of a small businesses’ mental health and wellbeing programmes


School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Sarah Childs - The UK Parliament: a gender-sensitive institution

Katharine Charsley - Integration of Pakistani migrant husbands to the UK

Ryerson Christie - Views from the Frontline: Methodology for a baseline of community perceptions of natural hazards and insecurities

Julia O'Connell Davidson - Ending violence against sex workers

Jon Fox - Everyday Integration in Bristol

Ana E Juncos Garcia - Peace Capacity: building capacities in civil society for inclusive peace processes in the Horn of Africa and the Western Balkans

Eric Herring - Somali First: Promoting Somali-led development

Therese O'Toole - Public faith and finance

Maud Perrier - Making Mothers: a Critical Making toolkit for engaging young mothers and parenting practitioners

Benoit Pelopidas - Learning from the history of nuclear close calls: revisiting Black Brant for its twentieth anniversary

Mengia Tschalaer - Under the European Asylum Rainbow: intersectional queer challenge 2020 - Workshop with LGBTQI asylum seekers in Germany