Research Equipment Database

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Applying for Equipment from RCUK

In response to 50% cut in capital budgets allocated to Research Councils by Government in the last Comprehensive Spending Review, and the need to demonstrate further efficiencies, the Research Councils issued new guidance relating to equipment purchases in May 2011.

Efficient use of Research Equipment

RCUK are actively promoting equipment sharing as a means to demonstrate efficiency savings, and there is now a requirement for PIs and institutions to demonstrate that they are considering sharing equipment, both within and between institutions when applying for equipment on research grants. 

The University has set up a searchable database of all research equipment valued over £50k .

In addition to helping you find pieces of kit, this data will also enable the University to be more strategic in replacement and investment in major items of research equipment. For queries please contact Richard Buist.

Communications to academics on Research Equipment Sharing.

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