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Swindon Science Festival 21-22 February 2020

Group photo

Our current cohort at this years' Swindon Science Festival

8 January 2020

Our current CDT students attended the Swindon Science Festival exhibiting some of our newest Quantum outreach demos

Our main outreach event this year was presenting at the Swindon Science festival. We had some simple games and demonstrations related to quantum technologies, as well as a couple of chips to show visitors. This gave us the opportunity to explain ideas at a variety of levels and answering (sometimes very tricky) questions about the research done at Bristol. It was really enjoyable to see young children come across ideas like superposition and entanglement, talking to people with no background in Physics about how quantum technologies could be implemented in the future, and having some very in depth conversations with people with backgrounds in areas such as AI, silicon chip design, and algorithm design. We all agree outreach is a really important part of what we do and it was great to hear other opinions on our work!


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