Skills Bridge

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Skills Bridge is a joint University of Bristol and University of the West of England (UWE, Bristol) project which connects local organisations with both universities to access the huge amount of student capacity available for student research projects, volunteering and paid internships.

‌The project is centred around an online platform that provides a simple route through which organisations can connect to the universities.  It provides an explanation of the‌ skills that students can bring to organisations, contains a range of different case studies of projects happening at the universities, and importantly, provides a contact mechanism through which external organisations can connect and request information or provide opportunities for student engagement.

Each university also funds a member of staff to support local organisations and their university to develop mutually beneficial projects. Get in touch with Amy Walsh, to find out more.


Skills Bridge grew out of our Green Capital: Student Capital project, which put students at the heart of Bristol’s European Green Capital 2015 year. Over the course of the project it became clear that there was a need to make it easier for external organisations to find out what student support is available to them, and so Skills Bridge was born!

Our partners

Skills Bridge works with a variety of partners across the city. One of those is Bristol Green Capital Partnership, which is a unique partnership of over 800 member organisations, including Bristol City Council who have committed to working towards Bristol becoming a sustainable city with a high-quality of life for all.

Student research projects

‌Student research projects often involve students working in partnership with local, national and international organisations on a real-world project as part of their course. This differs to volunteering as it must be discipline specific and is credit bearing.

We have facilitated the development of student research projects, including environmental policy & management consultancy and business planning for NGOs.

If your organisation has a challenge that could be a suitable research question for a student research project, go to Skills Bridge website and submit a question!

Supervisors interested in how engaged learning could form a part of their course can visit our engaged learning webpage.

Student volunteering

‌Students volunteer in their own time, outside of their studies, to support charities, community groups and other not-for-profit organisations. We work with Bristol SU to broker and promote volunteering opportunities to all students.

Volunteers can provide longer-term regular support, or act as a short-term ‘task force’ team to achieve a specific goal. To find out more about opportunities for students and organisations to work together through volunteering go to the Skills Bridge website

Paid internships

Match funding is available through our Careers Service to support organisations to provide quality work experience opportunities for students. Varying levels of funding are available for part- and full-time students and graduate internships. We also have a scheme for organisations wishing to employ a student or graduate with a view to a permanent role.

Internships provide students with the chance to gain valuable, quality work experience to expand their CV and develop their skills, as well as to gain contacts with organisations principally in the local area.

To find out more about how the university and organisations in the city can work together on internships visit the Skills Bridge website.


Get involved!

Skills Bridge aims to connect external organisations working on sustainability projects with students. Find out about new projects, get involved, and see what skills students can help you with.

Get in touch!

Our Bristol Green Capital Partnership Liaison Officer Amy Walsh, supports local organisations and the University to develop mutually beneficial projects.

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