Einstein's Garden

Einstein’s Garden is a playful science garden at the heart of the Green Man Festival, featuring music, comedy and spoken word, innovative and fun presentations from scientists, walks, talks and interactive experiences. From 2015-2017 we are working with the Green Man Festival, as part of a Wellcome Trust Society Award, to create unique Garden experiences which go even further to inspire and enthral festival goers. Each year a different group of researchers works with artists and producer Ellen Dowell; look out for our Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group at the Festival in 2017.

Previous years:

2016: Dynamic Cell

Dynamic Cell combined puppetry, origami and research in the field of genetics and genomics to recreate the alien world of a single cell. A weird, constantly transforming landscape of fascinating complex processes on a microscopic scale. Participants were invited to literally step inside a cell and then, having journeyed through this bizarre environment, to join cell biologists from BrisSynBio and the School of Biological Sciences to uncover the secrets of life by measuring, modelling and manipulating the cell.

2015: Your Lost Organ

Your Lost Organ was a sculptural modelling workshop exploring the human placenta. As they got their hands messy with modelling clay, they discovered all kinds of fascinating facts about this unique organ. The workshops provided the opportunity for conversations to emerge between all participants. Researchers answered questions and shared some of the findings from their work, whilst mothers talked to their children about their own experiences.

I didn’t feel particularly sentimental about the placenta, I didn’t give it any thought, but this made me respect it a bit more. 

Your Lost Organ audience member, Green Man 2015