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Know your Zoo

Conservation Education Centre, Bristol Zoo, Bristol, BS8 3HA

Know your Zoo

Alfred the gorilla at Bristol Zoo, 1938
Image by Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo contains a rich collection of rarely seen historic photographs, guidebooks and other artefacts, as well as film footage and interviews with former Zoo staff.  Following on from its 175th anniversary last year, we are looking to fill the gaps and add to the treasure trove of materials that documents its heritage and tells the stories connected with the world’s oldest provincial zoo.  Bring your memories and memorabilia to help us recognise the role that the Zoo has played in the lives of people across the South West and South Wales. And we don’t only mean ‘old’ items; we’re just as interested in capturing today’s memories - or yesterday’s - for tomorrow’s past.

This event is organised in conjunction with Bristol Zoo and is part of the Know your Bristol series of events on local community heritage.

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