Reasons to engage

Public engagement can strengthen research and teaching by:

  • creating conversations that deepen researchers' understanding of their research and make their research more relevant to communities outside the university
  • creating accountability to tax payers whose contributions fund research via the government
  • helping researchers develop communication and interpersonal skills 
  • fulfilling research funders’ expectations for public engagement

Public engagement:

  • facilitates knowledge exchange between researchers and communities, generating new insights
  • increases the impact of research 
  • creates opportunities to generate collective solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems facing society
  • makes research more accessible and encourages people from all backgrounds to feel included in the academic world
  • encourages adults to explore and engage with lifelong learning and builds young people's confidence to enter higher education
  • creates opportunities for the local community to respond to  and help shape the University’s research and have a a say in what happens

What's in it for me?

Keen to find out more and get other perspectives? Research Councils UK has produced a booklet called: What's in it for me? The benefits of public engagement (PDF 1 MB) which includes a selection of highlights and experiences of a range of researchers across the UK about the positive benefits arising from engaging with the public.