Physical and mental health

The Physical and Mental Health theme brings together members of the school with an interest in understanding the biological, psychological and social influences on physical and mental health. Members of this grouping also develop and evaluate interventions to improve physical and mental health. This grouping has particular strengths in:

Recent research projects 

  • Craddock, I. (Director), Yardley, L. (co-Director, Research) et al.  (2019-2027) EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Digital Health and Care. £6,315,146
  • McLeod, J. (Director), Yardley, L. (theme lead) et al. (2019- 2024) NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC-West) £8,999,999
  • Thomas M, Wang K, (P.I.s) Yardley L (WP co-lead) et al (2020-2025) Development and evaluation of an online FeNO-guided primary care asthma management intervention. NIHR-PGfAR, £2,480,562
  • Roberts, G. (P.I.) Yardley L et al (2019-2021) Breathing REtraining for Asthma Trial of Home Exercises for Teenagers (BREATHE4T); repurposing, refining and feasibility, RfPB, £247,376
  • Little, P., Geraghty, A. (P.I.s) Yardley L (WP lead) et al (2019-2024) REducing Common infections in Usual practice for Recurrent Respiratory tract infections. (RECUR), NIHR PGfAR £2,462,362
  • Skatova, A., Yardley, L. & Birchley, G. (2019-2021) Data Donation: Personal Data for Health Research & Policy Making, Alan Turing Institute, £188,854
  • Joinson C, Whale K, Yardley L, Ingram J.(2019) Evaluatingthe usability, acceptability and potential effectiveness of a smartphone app to support the management of urinary incontinence and urgency in young people. MRC, £135,241
  • Scarborough, P (P.I.) Yardley, L et al (2018- 2019) Self-monitoring of online food purchases. MRC, £149,009
  • Lambert H (P.I.), Yardley, L (WP co-lead) (2019-2022) Strategies to reduce the burden of antibiotic resistance in China. MRC, £965,017
  • Sheikh A (P.I.), Yardley L (WP co-lead) (2019 –2024) Development and evaluation of a complex ePrescribing-based Antimicrobial Stewardship (ePAMS+) intervention for hospitals. NIHR PGfAR, £2,480,562
  • Yardley L (2018 – 2023) NIHR Senior Investigator
  • Everitt H, Little P, Yardley L, Bishop F, Morrison L (2018 – 2020) Expectation management for patients in primary care: Developing and feasibility testing a new digital intervention for practitioners. NIHR SPCR, £377, 279
  • Geraghty A, Little P, Yardley L, Roberts L, Stuart B, Griffiths G (2018-2021) Supporting self-management of low back pain with an internet intervention in primary care: A full randomised controlled trial and cost effectiveness analysis. NIHR-HTA, £989,667
  • Yardley L   (2018 – 2019) Improving Communication between patients and healthcare staff. NIHR-DRF,
  • McManus, R., Yardley, L et al. (2018-2021) Towards An Integrated Self-Monitoring SolutIoN for Stroke/TIA, Stroke Association/British Heart Foundation, £1,479,418
  • Scarborough, P., et al. (2018-2019) Self-monitoring of online food purchases: development of the myShop app. MRC, £149,009
  • Daley, A., Yardley, L. et al. (2017-2019) PIMMS: Feasibility trial of weight management intervention for postnatal women. NIHR-HTA, £326,039  
  • Yardley, L. (Academic lead) with Changing Health (2017-2019) Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Innovate UK, £157,300
  • Rogers, A., Yardley, L et al. (2018-2020) PALS: Project About Loneliness and Social networks. NIHR-PHR, £831,495
  • Santer, M., Yardley, L. et al. (2018-2022) Supporting self-care for eczema in the community.  NIHR-PGfAR, £2,631,802
  • Yardley, L. et al. (2017-2019) National dissemination of LifeGuide digital interventions for self-management of health, ESRC, £17,552.99
  • Vedhara, K., et al., (2016 – 2017) Reducing the impact of diabetic foot ulcers on patients and the health service: the REDUCE programme, NIHR, £99,995
  • Read, J., Godfrey, K., Djukanovic, R., Yardley, L., Temple, K. (2017 – 2021) Biomedical Research Centre £14,509,067
  • Little P, Yardley L (PIs) et al (2017- 2026) Reducing and preventing Cognitive impairment iN older age groups (the RECON programme), NIHR £2,799, 331
  • Yardley et al (2016-2019) True NTH, Movember / Prostate Cancer UK £12,524
  • Cabral et al (2016-2018) PREparing for Improving the use of NHS primary care services and antibiotics for Children with Respiratory Tract infections. NIHR £100,000
  • Cox, A. et al. (2016-2020) GetAMoveOn: transforming health through enabling mobility. EPSRC, £909,727
  • Little, P., Yardley, L. (P.I.s) et al. (2016-2020) Cancer: Life Affirming Survivorship support in Primary care (CLASP) Programme.  NIHR-PGfAR, £2,499,011
  • McManus, R. et al.  (2016-2021). Optimising the monitoring and management of raised blood pressure during and after pregnancy. NIHR, £2,498,512
  • O’Cathain A, Croot E, Duncan E, Hoddinott E, Yardley L, Turner K. (2016-2018). Identifying and critiquing different approaches to developing complex interventions (INDEX study). MRC, £380,464.
  • Heller S et al (2016-2021) Developing and trialling the DAFNEplus (Dose for Adjustment for Normal Eating) intervention. NIHR-PGfAR £2,725,255
  • Little P et al (2016 – 2021) Screen and TREAt for Malnutrition (STREAM) Programme. NIHR-PGfAR £2,728,152
  • Peto, T. et al. (2016-2021) Antibiotic Reduction and Conservation in Hospitals (ARK-Hospital) NIHR-PGfAR, £2,649,834

Physical and mental health co-ordinator

Professor Claire Haworth

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