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Tobacco control celebration at the Houses of Parliament

31 March 2015

Last week TARG members Olivia Maynard and Marcus Munafò were invited to attend an event at the Houses of Parliament to celebrate the UK Department of Health's award for Exemplary Leadership by a Government Ministry in Tobacco Control.

This prestigious triennial Terry Luther award by the American Cancer Society honours the UK as a world leader in tobacco control, alongside previous award winners such as Australia and the Republic of Ireland. It is the commitment shown by successive UK governments, supported by Parliamentarians,  that provides the foundation for this award.  Important tobacco control legislation from smokefree public places, to stopping smoking in cars with children and standardised packaging of tobacco products have only come to pass with strong parliamentary support from across the political spectrum. 

Olivia and Marcus were invited to attend, in recognition of their research investigating the effectiveness of standardised packaging. The team in TARG used a range of research methodologies, including eye-tracking, brain imaging and randomised controlled trials to investigate the effects of standardised packaging on attention to health warnings and on behaviour. 

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