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TARG attend conference in Edinburgh

2 December 2015

David Troy and Olivia Maynard attended the UK clinical research collaboration’s public health research centres of excellence conference on the 19th and 20th of November in Edinburgh.

David Troy delivered a pecha kucha style presentation on the last day of the conference. He presented the work he has been doing on glass markings containing accurate volume information and their effect on the drinking rate of alcoholic beverages. Olivia Maynard was part of a workshop on ‘Novel research methods in public health research’ where she shared her expertise on eye- tracking research and data collection in naturalistic environments. Olivia also took part in a debate titled ‘Back to your ivory towers! Why academics have no business trying to influence policy’ where she gave a robust defence of the role of the academic as a science arbiter in the policy process and should not advocate for particular policies.

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