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Screening of ‘A Royal Hangover’ followed by Q&A with director Arthur Cauty

31 March 2015

TARG hosted a screening of ‘A Royal Hangover’, a documentary mocktail looking at the UK’s drink culture, in equal parts shocking, hilarious, sympathetic and thought provoking.

David Troy of TARG hosted a documentary screening of A Royal Hangover followed by a Q&A with director Arthur Cauty. The film covered the impact of excessive alcohol use at a societal and a personal level. It dealt with the history of alcohol use in the UK, the political challenges regarding policy, the cultural acceptance of alcohol, the nature of alcohol addiction and the lack of treatment available for alcohol addicts. Arthur participated in a Q&A elaborating on these points which provoked a vibrant debate among the audience about the role of alcohol in our society and strategies to encourage a healthier relationship with it. Some views expressed were the pressing need to change alcohol policy to encourage more responsible use (e.g minimum unit pricing) and the need for more alcohol education for young people to instil a healthy attitude to alcohol.   

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