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TARG research contributes to body of evidence on plain packaging

18 February 2015

Research conducted by members of TARG on plain packaging of cigarettes has been included in a collection of papers in the journal Addiction.

Marcus Munafo and Olivia Maynard of TARG, along with collaborators Ute Leonards, a vision scientist from the University of Bristol and Lee Hogarth, an experimental psychologist from the University of Exeter, have conducted a number of experimental studies investigating the effectiveness of plain packaging of cigarettes. In two eye-tracking studies, published in the journal Addiction, they have found that plain packaging increases the time spent looking at health warnings, among adult and adolescent non-smokers and non-daily smokers. In a more recent experimental study, the team also found that plain packaging may reduce smoking among current smokers by reducing tobacco seeking behaviour. This latter study recently attracted considerable media attention, and was also covered by the NHS Choices blog, which provides balanced and comphensive reports of research studies to the public. 

The collection of papers can be found on the Addiction website and a BBC news report gives an overview of the individual studies in the collection. 


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