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Plain packaging announcement

29 January 2015

The UK Government announced last week that a vote would be held by MPs on putting cigarettes in plain packs, before the general election in May.

This announcement comes after years of deliberation and a number of evidence reviews and public consultations by the government into the likely effectiveness of plain packaging as a tobacco control measure. Research conducted by TARG members Olivia Maynard and Marcus Munafo, along with collaborator Ute Leonards, has investigated the impact of plain packaging on visual attention to health warnings on cigarette packs. The team found in two studies that adult and adolescent non-smokers and non-daily smokers spent more time attending health warnings on plain as compared with branded packs, suggesting that plain packaging may be effective in increasing knowledge about the health consequences of smoking. 

This research contributed to the government evidence reviews and public consultations on plain packaging and on the day of the annoucement, Olivia was interviewed by Bristol's 'Made in Bristol' TV channel and spoke to Jon Sutton of The Psychologist

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