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Green Man festival, here we come!!

8 May 2015

TARG and the IEU are delighted to announce that we are going to Green Man festival again this year. We will be engaging festival-goers with our research on alcohol and tobacco at our stall ‘A Bar to the Future’.

TARG and the IEU will be bringing a stall to the Green Man festival to be held from the 20th-23rd of August. Our stall titled ‘A Bar to the Future’ will play to the ‘Future’ theme of this year’s festival. Our stall will showcase research on how changes to environments in which alcohol is consumed by, for example, adapting the shape of the glasses, the amount of seating and the calorie information displayed on alcoholic beverages, may influence a person’s drinking behaviour. Over the course of the weekend, festival-goers will have the opportunity to vote for or against whether they would like to see these design features in pubs. We will also visually compare the toxicants emitted by both traditional and electronic cigarettes and festival-goers will be polled on whether e-cigarettes should be allowed in public spaces. We will also investigate how alcohol affects our visual and perceptual systems by demonstrating the 'rotating snakes' illusion and we will give festival-goers the opportunity to engage in this brand new research. Preparations are in full swing.


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