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Attractiveness increases after one drink, but no more

6 March 2015

Individuals were rated as more attractive after drink, but not two, - compared to when they were sober.


Researches from the Tobacco and Alcohol Group photographed 40 students from the University of Bristol on three different occasions: when sober, after one drink (0.4 g/kg alcohol) and after another drink (another 0.4 g/kg alcohol). A separate set of students then rated the attractiveness of the photographs, and interestingly, rated photographs taken after one drink as most attractive (a. (Although, this trend did not continue for the two drink photographs). It’s possible this perception of attractiveness is due to pupil dilation, a trait known to be attractive, muscle relaxation, and rosiness of the cheeks- which portrays health.


Check out the study, published Feb 25, in Alcohol and Alcoholism

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