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Psychology student magazine is relaunched!

Psyche magazine cover Artist: Miranda Butler

19 July 2019

The school's student magazine, Psyche, has been relaunched on the 19th July 2019.

We are extremely pleased to be able to relaunch our student-led magazine. Psyche aims to encourage science writing by students and elucidation of academic research for the lay person. 

We are hoping that the relaunch of the magazine will kickstart Psychologogy students to have their own news source once again. 

A lot of hard work has gone into this edition of the magazine and we are both extremely proud of our students and excited about reading future editions, so please do look out for more to come on our Psyche page. 

Many thanks to each of the students and staff members who have contributed to this: 
Jasmine Norden, Henry Eaton, Jade Taktak, Hendrike Rahtz, Zephyr Percy, Miranda Butler, Marita Kimo, Emma Pirozzi, Helena Davies, Frankie Langeland, Layla Amawi, Damyana Raykova, Zosia Gontar, Professor Bruce Hood and Dr Susanne Quadflieg 

Further information

To read the latest issue of Psyche please see the Psyche website. 

The latest issue explores some of the largest misconceptions in the field of psychology, alongside some of the most exciting news in the department, including an interview with Professor Bruce Hood about his new course 'The Science of Happiness'. 

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