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Prof. Bruce Hood gives some top tips on how to keep happy

21 March 2019

In aid of International Day of Happiness, Prof. Bruce Hood shares his top happiness hacks via the University of Bristol social media feeds.

On Wednesday 20th March, the School of Psychological Science celebrated International Day of Happiness and to mark the occassion Prof. Bruce Hood from the school shared some of his top tips for achieving a happy mindset. Tips include meditation, exercise, gratitude and many more!  

In October 2018, on World Mental Health Day, the University of Bristol became the first UK university to launch a 'Science in Happiness' course. The course is designed to teach students a set of science-based strategies for living a more fufiling life. The course is being led by Bruce Hood whose top tips also feature in the teaching on the 10-week course. 

Further information

Full details on Bruce's top tips for achieving a happy mindset can be found on the University of Bristol's Nonesuch blog

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