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Claire Haworth wins Philip Leverhulme Prize

Dr Claire Haworth

5 November 2018

Dr Claire Haworth wins a Philip Leverhulme prize along with two other Bristol academics.

Congratulations to Claire Haworth for winning a Philip Leverhulme Prize. 

Claire uses approaches from psychology, behavioural genetics and data science to understand mental health and wellbeing. The prize primarily recognises her work on the dynamic nature of genetic and environmental influences on human behaviour. She has contributed to theory and evidence about how genetic and environmental influences on behaviour are dynamic, showing that the importance of these influences can change with age, environmental conditions and behavioural interventions. She then developed a novel method for combining the best genetic approaches with high-quality intervention methods to test her theory. She is currently using innovative computational social science methods to test her theory of dynamic genetics at high-resolution time scales and in response to real-world life events.

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