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Tackling Xenophobia through the visual Arts

8 August 2018

Working in dynamic partnership, the University of Bristol's School of Humanities and Susanne Quadflieg from the school of Psychological Science made exciting discoveries during this Interdisciplinary Research Internship Scheme (IRIS) funded by the University Research Committee (URC) and facilitated by the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS).

The project named “Tackling Xenophobia through the visual Arts “aimed to explore the depiction of and response to, interracial encounters as portrayed in 20th century art.  Quadflieg was specifically interested in how you form impressions of people who are interacting if the two people do not look alike in terms of race. Susanne explains that in Psychology there is a theory that states that when we see positive interracial interactions we learn from them and are reminded that we are all human and that we are alike and that this then helps to reduce prejudice.  If you are interested in finding out more about the project please see here.

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