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Writing retreat

2 July 2018

On the 28th and 29th of June staff from the school attended a writing retreat. The main goal of this retreat was for staff to be able to make significant progress towards completion of a research paper, which will be later submitted to a journal.

This writing retreat was organised to provide a quiet, structured and supportive environment which was conducive towards focused academic writing. In the spirit of getting the most out of the retreat and progressing towards submission-ready work, staff were asked to prepare and collate essential materials prior to arrival. They were also required to nominate a writing goal by specifying what they wanted to achieve during the writing sessions. At end of the retreat progress was shared and staff collectively contributed comments about how they got on with our writing goals. The event was a huge success with staff commenting on the productivity of the day and that they would like to do something similar in the future. To preserve the momentum of work and progress made during the writing retreat days the group plan to meet again to see how writers are advancing with their end goals.


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