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Postgraduate Research students take part in Research without Borders event

Research without Borders Exhibition

11 May 2018

On the 9th May 2018, some of our Postgraduate Research students got involved with the Research without Borders event.

Postgraduate research students from Experimental Psychology got involved with the Research without Borders event by showcasing their research in the exhibition. 

The exhibition hosted 75 interactive activities, exhibits and demonstrations at the Colston Hall foyer. From robots to electronic bees, refugee camps to the latest innovations in sustainable energy, there was something of interest for everyone. 

Well done to Jasmine Khouja, Chris Moreno-Stokoe, Maddy Dyer, Angie Makri, Sarah Peters and Steph Suddell. 

  • Jasmine Khouja - 'Why do young people use electronic cigarettes?' 
  • Chris Moreno-Stokoe - 'Can Online Services Save the NHS?' 
  • Maddy Dyer - 'Anxiety and Alcohol Use: What is the Relationship?' 
  • Angie Makri - 'Do you... mind? Exploring different types of memory' 
  • Sarah Peters and Steph Suddell - 'Mood matters: How do you see the world?' 
  • Katrina Daw - 'Why do children call lions tigers?' 
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