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Animals Behaving Badly - BBC Documentary

Background: László Talas Foreground: John Fennell experiencing dichromatic vision

1 May 2018

On Wednesday 25th April two researchers from the University of Bristol appeared in a new BBC Natural History documentary titled "Animals Behaving Badly" which aired on PBS in America.

László Talas and John Fennell discussed different colour visual systems in nature in particular prey Animals of tigers, which due to their dichromacy (they can't distinguish red and green) they see the orange coat of tigers as the same colour as the green vegetation around them (see image below). During the documentary John was able to experience dichromatic vision by wearing a pair of glasses that simulates the effect. 

This series, Animals Behaving Badly originally aired in America around the 25th of April on PBS. However, it won't be long until we can see the great work that both László and John have done as the show will be aired in the UK from the 18th July 2018! You will be able to watch this on BBC One or the BBC IPlayer

Laszlo Talas


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