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TARG researchers feature on the BBC

30 April 2018

On Sunday 29th April, Professor Marcus Munafò appeared on Sunday Politics West to discuss research that had taken place at the University of Bristol on alcohol consumption and calorie intake.

While on the program Marcus showed some of the beer mats and stickers that researchers from the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group had designed. The beer mats display ‘How many calories are you drinking’ and ‘How many units are you drinking’ with one of the stickers also stating, ‘Alcohol is associated with depression and anxiety’. The research has confirmed that many drinkers have poor understanding of alcoholic units, how many calories are in alcoholic drinks and the health risks of alcohol. The research is investigating novel ways to promote this understanding among drinkers.

Whilst discussing these Marcus said: "So, we found that people would like this information to be presented to them and be presented in a clear way, but they would like that to be in the context of the current guidelines for low risk alcohol consumption, and that these labels would probably need to be mandated because the current voluntary labels are not particularly clear or effective."

Further information

This work was led by Dr Angela Attwood and Dr Anna Blackwell, and more information can be found on the project website:

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