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The ‘reproducibility crisis’ in research

Press release issued: 22 February 2017

Professor Marcus Munafo was interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, discussing the ‘reproducibility crisis’ in biomedical research. The story was also covered by BBC News online.

In a recent BBC Radio 4 podcast, TARG director Marcus Munafo discusses how he almost gave up on a career in science when he failed to reproduce a study on anxiety during his PhD. Marcus describes how he took this as a reflection of his ability as a scientist. In reality, the scientific literature had been biased to present a more robust outcome.
There is growing concern over the reliability of results published in scientific literature as many researchers have found different results when replicating studies. Without knowing whether published studies are reliable, time and money could be wasted in pursuing ineffective interventions. Marcus warns that published results tend to be the most interesting and exciting evidence, giving a rose-tinted view of the research.
Find out more about the “reproducibility crisis” via the BBC news article.
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