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Congratulations to our Graduate Prize Winners

12 July 2013

Details of the 2013 prizes awarded to 6 students.

The Richard Gregory Prize

This prize is awarded to the student with the most innovative final year independent research project.

Awarded to Sarah Coffey and Rebecca Griggs

Coffey, S. (2013). Exploring the effects of expectancy on food cue-reactivity in low and high restrained eaters.

Griggs, R. (2013). Cephalic phase responses: The effects of food cue exposure, dietary restraint and expectancy information.



The Experimental Psychology Society / British Science Association Undergraduate Project Prize Nomination

The nominee for this prize is the student with the highest scoring, cognitive themed final year independent research project.

Eira Fomicheva nominated

Fomicheva, E. (2013). The development of rehearsal: More evidence for proportional scaling artefacts.


The Henri Tajfel Prize

This prize is awarded to the student with the best final year independent research project of a social psychology nature.

Awarded to Georgina Hammond

Hammond, G. (2013). An opportunity to bend the truth, or a chance to express your true self? A qualitative investigation into self-identity and self-expression on Facebook.


Wiley Prize in Psychology

For the student showing most promise in the subject of Clinical Psychology in Year 3.

Awarded to Madeleine Jago



The British Psychological Society Undergraduate Award

This prize is awarded to the student who achieved the highest overall score in an accredited degree programme at each of the institutions accredited by the Society.

Awarded to Annabelle Redfern


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