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Decision making and state-action prediction errors

22 January 2020

Would you like to take part in a behavioural study to examine decision making and state-action prediction errors?

We are looking for healthy volunteers aged 18-80 to take part in this study. The study would involve two sessions in which you complete a simple navigational decision-making task, with a one-hour break between. Participants will be able to gain points based on their performance and earn money based on their ability to navigate to rewarding locations/states.

You will be reimbursed £10 for your time and will have the opportunity to earn additional money in the task. The full experiment should take around 3 hours to complete.

Eligibility Requirements:

 In good health, physically and mentally
• Over 18 years of age
• No history of (or current) psychiatric illness, and must NOT be taking anti-depressant medication
• Right-handed

Further information

 If you're interested and eligible to take part in the study, please email Ashley Tyrer at for further details.

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