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Investigating the relationship between state-anxiety and alcohol related behaviours

7 July 2017

This study is no longer recruiting participants, please refer back to the main experiments page -

What is involved?

Participants will be asked to attend one session of approximately 2.5 hours. The study will compromise of a series of questionnaires, participants will be asked to inhale 7.5% CO2 and Air twice for 20 minutes whilst completing two basic computer tasks.

Am I eligible to take part?

Please read these criteria very carefully and contact the researcher if you have any doubts regarding your eligibility. If you do not pass the screening on the study day, you will not be able to take part, and we cannot offer reimbursement for screening failures.

In order to take part, you should;

  • Be aged between 18-50 years
  • Be in good physical and psychiatric health
  • Drink alcohol at least weekly
  • Drink wine OR beer/lager as a drink of choice
  • Pass an online screening questionnaire regarding drinking habits
  • Have English as first language or equivalent level of fluency.

You would NOT be able to take part if;

  • You consume alcohol within 24 hours of the study session
  • You have recently used illicit drugs
  • You have high blood pressure (higher than 140/90 mmHg)
  • You have high or low heart rate (lower than 50 or higher than 90 beats per minute)
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Your Body mass index (BMI) is less than 17 kg/m2 or greater than 30 kg/m2
  • You have significant current or past medical or psychiatric illness
  • You have a personal or strong family history of mood disorder, including panic disorder
  • You have ongoing physical illness or abnormality (e.g., history of cardiac or respiratory problems, including asthma)
  • You have personal history of migraine
  • You are not registered with a general practitioner (GP)
  • You drink more than 35 alcoholic units*/week for females and 50 units*/week for males
  • You drink more than eight caffeinated drinks per day
  • You smoke daily
  • You have a personal history of alcoholism or drug dependence
  • You are currently using medication use (except local treatment, aspirin or paracetamol); within past 8 weeks if study session
  • You have impaired or uncorrected vision
  • You have impaired or uncorrected hearing

* One unit equals one 25ml single measure of spirit (ABV 40%), or a third of a pint of beer (ABV 5-6%) or half a standard (175ml) glass of red wine (ABV 12%).

Participants will be reimbursed £20 for their time

Please note you must be aged 18 and over to volunteer and may be asked to provide identification as proof of age.

Further information

Please then follow the link below to fill out a short questionnaire that will be used to assess your eligibility. Once you have completed and submitted the questionnaire you will be contacted to confirm your participation and to arrange a date and time to meet you at School of Experimental Psychology, 12a Priory Road, University of Bristol, BS8 1TU.

If you have any further questions please contact:

Alex Spiller - Konstantina Apostolina -

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