Seminar Series: Relating Age, Brain, and Cognition: results from the Cambridge Centre for Ageing & Neuroscience (CamCAN)


27 November 2019, 1.00 PM - 27 November 2019, 2.00 PM

Professor Richard 'Rik' Henson, University of Cambridge

2D1 Priory Road Complex, BS8 1TU

I will describe a range of results from neuroscientific investigation of approximately 700 people from 18-88 years of age in the CamCAN project (, including: 1) separating the effects of age on vascular vs neural components of the BOLD response by combining resting-state fMRI and MEG; 2) effects of white matter (measured from diffusion kurtosis imaging) on age-related changes in latency of evoked MEG responses, 3) state-dependent effects of age on fMRI connectivity across rest, sensorimotor-responding and movie-watching; 4) (de)differentiation of cognition, white-matter and of the relationship between cognition and white-matter; 5) lack of (multivoxel fMRI pattern) evidence for functional compensation in prefrontal cortex in ageing and 6) the importance of mid-life activities for cognitive reserve in old age.

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All are welcome to attend this event. Tea, coffee and cakes will be available after the seminar.

Professor Richard 'Rik' Henson, University of Cambridge

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