Conwy Lloyd-Morgan Lecture - Prof. Francesca Happe: Autism and Talent (12 noon)

6 December 2017, 12.00 PM - 6 December 2017, 1.00 PM

Professor Francesca Happe, KCL

Priory Road Complex Priory Road LT,12a Priory road

This year for the Conwy Lloyd-Morgan Lecture, Professor Francesca Happe (KCL) will speak on "Autism and Talent".

'Special skills are far more common in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) than in any other group. In this talk I will explore some possible reasons for the link between ASD and talent. Current cognitive accounts of ASD, and their possible contribution to special skills, will be discussed. Data from a population-based twin study, suggesting a link between parent-reported special skills and ASD-like traits, will be presented. Detail-focused processing bias, I will argue, plays a key role in predisposing people with ASD (and others) to develop striking special skills.'

Further Information on Prof. Francesca Happe:

Professor Happe’s work explores the nature of social understanding in typical development and "mind-reading" difficulties in autism. She is also actively engaged in studies of abilities and assets in people with autism, and their relation to detail-focused cognitive style. As well as cognitive methods, her research has involved functional imaging studies, exploration of acquired brain lesions, and behaviour genetic methods. She is the author of numerous research papers, as well as a book on autism for general readers.

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This event is free to attend and registration is not required

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