School of Psychological Science Open Units

The School of Psychological Science offers two Introductory Units which are available to any student who has “open units” as part of their degree.

If you have any questions about your ability to study these units or whether they are appropriate for your programme please check your programme details on the Unit and Programme Catalogue, or contact your school office before signing up.

To find out more about the units, please have a look at the following Unit Descriptions, however, please select 2019/20 as the Academic year once you have clicked on the link:

Unit Description

PSYC10013 Introduction to Cognitive and Biological Psychology

PSYC10012 Introduction to Social and Developmental Psychology

How to Sign Up for Psychology Open Units

If you are a student returning to university for the 2019/20 academic year, once you have decided which unit(s) to sign up for, please click here to add your choices to the registration list. Shortly after the 27th September, the system will be updated with your choices. If you would like to check that you are registered correctly you can do so by looking on Student Info and viewing the screen ‘Unit Selection Details for the 19/20 academic year’, after the 27th September. 

* The form will be open from Friday 20th September until Friday 27th September (12 noon). 

Science of Happiness Unit

Please note that this unit is not currently available for returning students.

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