Sustainable Print

Print Services are responsible for the management of printers for staff use. The information below provides guidelines on how to procure printers and guidelines on the use of print devices. Through the Sustainable Print Policy (PDF, 67kB) we aim to provide MFDs (multi-functional devices) for all staff, negating the use of personal printers (LBPs). 

 Contact Julie Moore, Sustainable Print Officer for advice and information. 

Purchasing departmental print devices

MFDs provide benefits in terms of confidentiality, convenience and waste reduction, and can also scan and copy documents. They should  be preferred over LBPs in most situations.  The University procures an agreed range of Canon devices under a framework agreement.

MFD procurement process (PDF, 169kB) 

LBP procurement process (PDF, 139kB)  To order replacement toner for Canon LBPs the Canon toner ordering process (PDF, 51kB) should be followed and a quote should be obtained first by completing the Canon toner order form (Office document, 41kB)

Catalogue of print devices (PDF, 231kB)

Sustainable Print FAQs (PDF, 179kB)

To report a malfunctioning Canon MFD or to order consumables - call Canon Service on 0800 035 3535  The serial number of the printer will be needed. 

To dispose of a printer (any brand) please see the Printer Disposal (PDF, 374kB) guidance. 

To recycle used toner cartridges please seal them in a clear plastic bag (with no other packaging) and send them to the Post Room, 1-9 Old Park Hill. Canon toners are recycled at no cost. All other toners attract a small charge which is paid for centrally. 

Guide to print functions

Below are links to a number of documents providing guidance on how to send your document to print, scan and photocopy.

Recommended ways to reduce printing

In line with the strategic direction for printing, staff should seek to reduce the need to print. For example:

Student printing

Many study spaces across the University have printers or photocopiers which can be used by students to print, copy or scan. Information on student printing can be found on the IT Services website


Sustainable Print Officer: Julie Moore


Telephone: 0117 3317692

Canon Account Manager: Tom Lawson, Email:  Tel: 07800 701458

Canon Servicing and Consumables: 0800 035 3535 (please note that the serial number of device will need to be provided)

Ceva, Transfer or Removal of Devices: 0800 035 3535  (please note that the serial number of device will need to be provided)