Covid 19 banner covid response corona virus signage Distancing tape sanitiser hand dispenser

Print Services supply generic UOB Covid signage, floor tape and hand sanitiser.

To reorder this please speak to your facilities manager / buildings manager.

The Covid order form (Office document, 14kB) has space for the specific codes relating to each sign. The codes are all detailed in the catalogue below so that you can choose the sign required and use the corresponding code on the form.

Facility / buildings managers please contact Print Services with the reorder form.

Hand sanitiser – we can provide bottles at 0.5lt, 5lt including pumps, a 10tl bottles can be provided for refilling purposes only within your department (to be used by trained staff only). We will also collect and re-fill your empty bottles. All empty bottles are to be returned or refilled. Order on Tuesday for collection by Thursday.

Covid signage

For use on walls, fabric stickers for furniture and round floor signage for both internal and external use.Corona virus sign 1

All forms of signage can be designed and printed - like the example to the right

Please download our Catalogue of signage (PDF, 1,192kB) to see examples of the signage available and the codes for reorder which correspond to each sign.

Please contact for more information.

Floor tape - Rolls of hazard tape black/yellow 33m or 2m social distancing tape (60 stickers per roll)