Year 3

These pages are for GP teachers. If you are interested in studying medicine at Bristol, please see details of our MB ChB Medicine course.

Year 3 consists of three units:

  • Junior Medicine & Surgery
  • MDEMO: Musculoskeletal Diseases, Emergency Medicine and Ophthalmology
  • Pathology & Ethics

General practice based primary care teaching

Students have four half-day teaching sessions in general practice during Junior Medicine & Surgery and two half-day sessions  sessions in MDEMO and Pathology & Ethics.


To develop and consolidate students' clinical skills and to foster professional attitudes towards patients and other team members.


In their general practice attachments students should have an opportunity:

  • To practice and consolidate clinical skills (consultation skills, history taking, examination and formulation of diagnosis and management plans) through being observed consulting with patients with common clinical problems in a small group setting in general practice.
  • To reflect on and appreciate the differences between diagnosis and management strategies in primary and secondary care.
  • To evaluate their clinical experience by drawing on the teaching in the vertical themes of whole person medicine, ethics and communication skills.

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