IRIS+ training

What does the IRIS+ training look like?

At the moment IRIS+ is in the pilot stage and we are in the process of delivering the IRIS+ training to four GP surgeries in Bristol:

The training consists of two 2-hour sessions. The training includes discussion of:

  • The impact of domestic violence on women, men and children
  • The kinds of medical presentations that might be associated with domestic violence and abuse
  • How GPs and practice nurses can safely ask about and record domestic violence and abuse
  • Safeguarding and supporting children exposed to domestic violence and abuse
  • The specialist support offered by the IRIS+ advocate educators and how clinicians can refer to this service

The first training session is jointly delivered by one of the IRIS+ advocate educators and a practicing GP.

For the second session, the two trainers are joined by a social worker from Bristol City Council who is local to the GP practice and who can offer information and guidance around working with children exposed to domestic violence and abuse.

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