Musculoskeletal Research

  • Support and Treatment After Replacement (STAR). R Gooberman Hill, P Dieppe, N Arden, P Baker, A Blom, J Bruce, C Eccleston, A Judge, F MacKichan, C McCabe, S Noble, T Peters, A Price, C Roper, V Wylde. NIHR Programme Grant. 

  • A Heawood, , et al. MRC. Further detail can be found on the project website:
  • Self-referral to physiotherapy for musculoskeletal problems in primary care: stepping up the evidence. N Foster, A Bishop, M Lewis , S Jowett, P Ong, C Salisbury, C Mallen, E Hay. CSP Charitable Trust

  • The effects of a comprehensive physiotherapy intervention for adults with joint hypermobility. S Palmer, J Horwood, S Brookes, E Clark, W Hollingworth, N Welton, P Roy, F Cramp, R Lewis North, T Jenkinson, S Towlson, K Rimes. NIHR, Health Technology Assessment Programme

  • Chronic pain after total knee replacement: better post-operative prevention and management. R Gooberman-Hill, A Judge, A Beswick, A Price, A Blom, C McCabe, C Eccleston, J Bruce, N Arden, P Dieppe, P Baker, S Noble, S Sethi, T Peters, V Wylde, C Stannard, F MacKichan. NIHR Programme Development Grant. Further details can be found here


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