Current projects:

  • TEST (Trial of Eczema allergy Screening Tests): feasibility randomised controlled trial with economic scoping and nested qualitative study. Ridd M, Santer M, Boyle R, Chalmers J, Blair P, Heawood A, Coast J, Garfield K, Marriage D, Waddell L, Muller I, Kai J. NIHR School for Primary Care Research (October 2017-November 2019)
  • Best Emollient in Eczema (BEE): Pragmatic, primary care, multi-centre, individually randomised superiority trial of four emollients in children with eczema, with internal pilot and nested qualitative study. Ridd M, Santer M, Thomas K, MacNeill S, Heawood A, Banks J, Roberts A, Garfield K, Baxter H, Barrett T, Lane A, Williams H, Hay A (May 2017-August 2020)
  • Action PlAns for CHildren with Eczema (APACHE): A study to develop written action plans for children with eczema and explore how best to evaluate them. M Ridd, C Salisbury, S Purdy, C Metcalfe, A Heawood, A Malpass and A Waldecker (Jan 2015-Dec 2020)
  • Eczema Care Online (ECO): Supporting self-care for eczema in the community. Santer M, Thomas K T, Muller I, Ridd M, Chalmers J, Lawton S, Stuart B, Griffiths G, Sach T, Langan, Roberts A, Ahmed A, Kirk H, Yardley L, Little P, Williams H. NIHR programme grant (September 2017-February 2023)
  • Barrier Enhancement for Eczema Prevention (BEEP) studyHywel Williams, Robert Boyle, Matthew Ridd, Jim Thornton, Sandra Lawton, Michael Cork, Eric Simpson, Sara Brown, Tracey Sach, Alan Montgomery, Joanne Chalmers, Kim Thomas. NIHR HTA. 

  • Patient and carers experience of allergy testing in eczema. Chan J, Ridd M.

Completed projects:

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