Childhood Health Research

Current projects within the theme of childhood health:

  • Exploring urgent care service use by children with asthma in Bristol - M Chalder, S Purdy, A Heawood, B Dangerfield, funded by Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative RCF

  • ComMando: Changing eating behaviours to treat childhood obesity in the community using Mandolean: the Community Mandolean randomised trial.  J Hamilton-Shield, A MontgomeryK TurnerJ Banks, S HollinghurstD Sharp,  P Sodersten,  T Marsh, J Mytton, P Rogers, J Brunstrom. NIHR HTA. Further information can be found on the project website:
  • The CREAM study (ChildRen with Eczema Antibiotic Management). N Francis, F Sullivan, C Butler, K Hood, R Howe, D Cohen, M Kalavala, P Davey, M Ridd. NIHR HTA.  Further information can be found on the project website:

  • Exploring adolescents' views of treatment options for type 2 diabetes: a qualitative studyK Turner, J Shield, T Barrett, D Dunger and T Olbers. Diabetes UK.

  • Evidence based intervention for pre-school children with primary speech and language impairment. S Roulstone, L Lascelles, J Coad, N Daykin, A Emond, J Goldbart, J Moultrie, J Marshall, T Peters, J Pollock, J Powell, Y Wren, C Fernandes, W Hollingworth. NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research

  • Active For Life Year 5: A cluster randomised controlled trial of a primary school-based intervention to increase levels of physical activity, decrease sedentary behaviour and improve diet.   D Lawlor, R Kipping, R Jago, R Campbell, C Chittleborough, J Mytton, T Peters, S Noble. NIHR Public Health Research Programme. Further information can be found on the project website:

  • PEACH: Scoping the evidence on preventive interventions in domestic abuse for children and young people in the general population. N Stanley, J Ellis, S Downe, S Hollinghurst, S Bailey. NIHR Public Health Research Programme

  • IMPROVE: An overview of interventions aimed at improving outcomes for children exposed to domestic violence: systematic review, evidence synthesis and research recommendations. G Feder, M Hester, E Howarth, N Welton, H MacMillan, N Stanley.  NIHR

  • TEAMPLAY: Parents and children partnering for healthy lifestyles. R Jago, K Fox, S Stewart-Brown, K Turner, and P Lucas. British Heart Foundation

  • Self-harm with and without suicidal intent in adolescence: causes and consequences - the ALSPAC cohortDGunnell, G Lewis, K Hawton, J Heron, J Macleod, C Crane, K Tilling, G Davey Smith.  MRC


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