Cancer Research

  • DISCO: Optimising diagnosis of symptomatic cancer. W Hamilton, F Walter, J Banks, K Turner, S Hollinghurst, T Peters, T Ades, A Raffle, J Emery, G Rubin, C Bankhead, P Rose, P Brindle, R Neal, J Knowles. National Institute for Health Research. Further information can be found at the programme website:

  • CANDID: Cancer diagnosis decision rules. P Little, T Fahey, A Hay, R Hobbs, I Nazareth, E Kontopantelis, D van der Windt. NIHR School for Primary Care Research

  • Continuity and Detection of cancer in Primary Care (CaDoc-PC)M Ridd, C Salisbury, A Montgomery, W Hamilton. Cancer Research UK. 2011-2012.


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