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UNICEF: One billion denied a childhood
12/9/2004 9:00:00 PM GMT

At least one billion children suffer from poverty

The United Nations Children's Fund released its annual report that showed that at least one billion children, half of the world's population of children, suffer from poverty, violent conflict and the scourge of AIDS.

According to the UNICEF, the world leader in helping children, the conditions in effect deny them a childhood.

"Too many governments are making informed, deliberate choices that actually hurt childhood," said Carol Bellamy, UNICEF director.

"When half the world's children are growing up hungry and unhealthy, when schools have become targets and whole villages are being emptied by Aids, we've failed to deliver on the promise of childhood," UNICEF executive director Carol Bellamy said at the report launch in London.

The children’s rights to a healthy and protected life, as laid out in 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child, were imperiled, as a result of the governments’ failure to carry out human rights and economic reforms, UNICEF said.

The organization worked along with researchers from Britain's London School of Economics and Bristol University to gather statistics that painted a bleak picture of youth at risk in most of the world regions.

UNICEF report says that almost one billion children all over the world are denied at least one of seven commodities deemed essential: shelter, water, sanitation, schooling, information, healthcare and food.

Another scourge mentioned in the report was war.

According to the UNICEF, about half of the 3.6 million people killed in wars since 1990 were children.

Millions more have been displaced by wars and forced to take part as child soldiers.

Karin Landgren, the head of UNICEF's child protection program, said that while six million children have been injured in conflict, many more carried "scars less visible" from rape, loss and overall trauma.

"So many of the systems children normally rely on to keep them safe break down", she said in a video on the report's website.

Moreover, the report showed Aids as a growing threat to the world children, not just through HIV infection, but also due to the fact that millions have been orphaned by the disease.

UNICEF called on governments to adopt "a human rights-based approach" to social and economic development, and to bear in mind the effects on children when making policies.

The report also found that 640 million children lack adequate shelter, 400 million have no access to safe water, 270 million have no access to health care services and 140 million have never been to school.

Moreover, "The State of the World's Children 2005" also stated that even children in rich countries were victims of rising poverty rates. It noted that in 11 of 15 industrialized nations, the proportion of children living in low-income households over the last decade had risen.

This list includes Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland, where poverty raised to 16.6 percent of all children in the late 1990s and early 2000s from 14.0 percent a decade earlier.

oh my god is that how civilized we become. shane shame on all leaders and especially the ones who can help and are not doing it.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Arab from Arabia
what they forgot to say is three thousand kids starve every day. which nation claims to be the world leader now? is this world leadership. apes do better. america is partially responsible for this mess. get off your low horse and send real help to the world and you'll get the respect of the world. you want allies, stop lying so much and see clear. the only nation worthy of leadership is the one who solves this. there is a canadian invention that makes eye gl out of gelled plastic that can be done right on the spot and to prescription.a simple solution like that improves lives. america would rather bomb and be despised than come up with the right answer.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          David from Canada
for so long as people continue to have children in ignorance this scourge will continue. while one cannot control the actions of governments, one can control the fate of one's children by having them only when one can provide for them. this report should have focused on population control and family planning education.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          A ^ from Gaia
david , i can say the same thing to you canadians. get off your behundas and help these people. why does everyone expect the american people to foot the bill for everything and then condemn us for every move we make. actually the us just pa... ss.. ed a billion dollar bill yesterday to feed the poor so we taxpayers will be getting higher taxes to feed the poor. what has canada done lately to help out any other country with billions like the us does? shut your mush unless you know what your talking about. we american taxpayers are footing the bill, not you up there in bs land.
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Lexi from Florida, USA
i think most of this mess happens in other countries besides usa and yet we are blamed somehow i say let's worry about usa and let other countries take care of itself and i can guarantee you that it will only be worse off. goodbye to un worthless bunch of rich bureaucrats who should be helping instead of food for peace debacle where french traitors get rich.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            mgisalive from USA
all your comments are very compassionate. instead of blaming and finger pointing, very productive, what are we as individuals doing to help others, especially those who cannot help themselves such as children
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                             chad from canada
reading this saddens me. i agree with you david that america could put in more effort to help and probably should but i don't think you can solely blame america. canada and most of europe are sound and sovereign nations, why is it our responsibility more than theirs. the main reason this happens is because too many leaders of these countries don't care about their people and do things in their best interest. the first thing to solve this problem is to overthrow existing governments, sort of like iraq. i'm not sure bush had the right motives for iraq and definatly didn't sell his case well but in the end it may help a lot of oppressed people. as for the rest of the sovereign nations, we all need to take a stand against this. us is guilty of putting more effort into drugs that reap profit as opposed to helping more people. for that i have no excuse. but i'm sure we arn't the only country guilty of that.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Joe from USA
funny how only us and canada readers reply to this .... because the arabs know that canada and the us are flipping most of the bill in africa and poor asia
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            erik from usa
this is the sad result of all the us not following what they preach. yes the us could do more, but we are currently doing more than all the others. where is all of the midleast nations, what do they provide to these countries, nothing but weapons i suspect. for all the euro nations, here is where you should step up to the plate, oh i forgot they are to busy stealing united nations funds for their pockets, no time for charity here, all their time is spent stealing food money and criticizing the us.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Alaskaman from alaska, usa
what if just ten percent of the money stolen from the "oil for food" program could be donated to charities like unicef? what if some of the oil rich arab countries could share some of the responsibility for feeding the world's hungry? i give what little i can to many charities and i help wherever i can. do you?
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           jesse from usa
sure jesse, you give, like we can see your check book pssed around. i wonders how much iraqis money have been spent on the babies, children and adults in iraq and for their good. i am sure the mega business deals have made pleanty. also, many of the fat c a t s in iraq are living good and large. god help the children in iraq and the children of the world. peace to the world.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Space People from Milky Way
in any catastrophe, regional or global, children are the ones to suffer most. cant we as civilized adults see this plain and simple?greed, hatred, jealousy,power, corruption, are not found in the young innocents hearts and minds yet they were being denied their childhood that we had. shed tears now people, compare these long suffering children with our very own flesh and blood. and to volunteers who have been providing humanitarian to these unfortunate children, i salute you. you are truly godsend.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           fir from msa
space, if you have ever had an intelligent thought, you have yet to share it on here. put down the gin bottle and try to think. yes, i believe in personal responsibility when it comes to our fellow human beings. i don t think you believe in anything except how the u.s. is. your military family would be ashamed of you.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           jesse from usa
after reading some of these comments, its ridiculous how people want to somewhat blame the usa when the usa donates the most in the world. why dont more european countries stand up? more to the fact, when is the last time a moozlim country stood up and provided some instead of providing money for bombers?? this is a global problem and im not saying the usa is all good but at least usa is trying
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          me from usa
one more thing space, do you even have a clue what the "oil for food" scandal is about. do you have any idea what conditions were for the iraqi ppl when saddam was in power? your prejudice towards the u.s. has completely blinded you even from "simple" truths. "peace to the world"? you're so full of s.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           jesse from usa
picture the good life,lazing by the swimming pool scantily clad,lots of finger food, music, loud cra.z.y music,loose libertine living and very proud of it, interspered with wise crackings, plenty smart alecky talk and superior guffaw and laughter,sensual and sexy, gliding sashaying along. .....isnt this what we see on tv day in and day out,influencing and corrupting the young and vulnerable all over the world. and in between, you hear expressions of lofty precepts of compassion,equality,human dignity and justice but at the same time they continue to improve the effectiveness of their wmd and they choose to practice their wmd wherever they please and justify them. then this revelation, not unexpected, about one billion suffering children. where is your sense of compassion and and high character, you so called developed first world countries. what hypocrisy and bunkum.your selfcentred interest come first isnt it.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           confused from planet earth
the real reasons for these problems starts from the parents of these children.we cant rely on leaders to do everything.each and every parent has basic responsiblities and if they fail we cant blame anyone just we try our best.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Ali from Australia
natures way of thinning the population thats all survival of the fittest it has been that way since humanity first came to be,we have in america but we also have found ways to combat it prevention meidcine tails and education ,going by what i have read on this i could not agree more we should not get involved in any more world affairs we should take care of our own and the rest of you can take care of yourselves,once we have finished off obl we should close our borders drill alaska for oil concentrate on hydrogen fule cells and deny the rest of the world access to our technologies,we went isolationist twicw before and the world went to war both times so lets see how well you do without america to pick on.lets see all of you work together,the whole me cant even take on isreali have to may sound cold but so do you people when you bash my country without hwom you would not even be able to read your welcome now go away we have our medicine we have healthcare
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Mr American from Paradise
jesse from usa, do you have any idea the conditions the iraqis babies, children and adults are living in since the rushed illegal war built ffo a foundation of l ies? do you have any idea that now over two hundred iraqis have been mrudered because of the chaos, de st ru ction, and atrocities this war caused? do you have any idea of how much money have been spent on the iraqis from their oil, for them in these nineteen months. jesse, i have no prejudice toward u.s. nor any other nation or poeple, but i will tell the truth regarless. since when does the truth become prejudice. jesse and others, i believe you are looking in your mirrors when you say prejudice and ate because that is all i read comes out of both sides of your mouths. peace to the world.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Space People from Milky Way
talking about humanitarian aid, hats off to bob geldof and co. you have done the noblest thing anyone could have ever done. wonder whether you mde sure the finance went to where it was intended to?
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           fir from mas
we all know its the s that are the root of the arab plight. no s, no poverty. how much easier can it get.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          Steve from USA
stop asking us for help,you said your stronger than us you dont need us so dont blame us for children starving if the insurgents in iraq would have worked half as hard at raining in that madman hussein we would not be in this mess lets we forget we had a un mandate to uphold,go ask kofi and his son to give back the oil for food money they stole you could give every one of those kids a thousand dollars,we arent starving my kids eat well so do i you the usa so lets see how well you do on your own lest see how many countries shell out what the us has to feed the world lets see if any other country can match what we gave the un and give evry year,
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Mr American from Paradise
space, i have no idea why i took the bait and even responded to you. on and on you rant about the starving babies in iraq but you don't really care. there are children starving everywhere and that is the only point that is important to me. all of us, in every country, need to do whatever, whenever we can. even if it is as simple as just treating each other better. goodnight...
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           jesse from usa
pointing fingers doesn't resolve anything. currently, many ngo's are out there aiding countries in poverty. supporting these organizations is the right thing to do. it doesn't improve matters if developed countries simply give away money to undeveloped countries. sure, money may solve some of their problems in the short term, but the countries soon will come full circle as the money run out. and even worse is the fact the countries will also be burdened with debt. supporting these organizations is the right thing because the organizations do not simply give money to leaders of impoverish countries, which often end up in the wrong hands, but instead they travel to the regions in need and provide themselves. countries like canada can help by donating food, such as wheat. wheat production in canada is tremendous the amount produced can easily support large portions of the world and still leave canada abundant amount to support itself.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                             Pete from Canada
ever since imf came to exist, poverty around the world increased. its not really surprising why there were so many protesters in seat.tle wto meeting. imf made handful of people rich, but it makes greater gaps between rich and poor. most people does not understand this part, it means that value of life of the poor people goes down. t.hai is known for ch.ld pro ution. it happens because value of life in poor section of the counntry is so cheap. it was not even close to being like this 0 years ago. imf started about 0 years ago, and capitalism has ruined many cultures around the world... some cultures really do not need tv, soybean plantation, or toe nail clipper factory, so that they can get paid to buy food after inflation instead of producing food themselves.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          chef from USA
why so much american defensiveness? there is nothing in this article that suggests the u.s is responsible for fixing this problem. it also doesn't just talk about underdeveloped nations, but talks about the poverty suffered by children in industrialized economies. this article has nothing to do with the u.s really. and while the u.s does contribute to humanitarian aid, it is a huge country and when you look at the issue on a per capita basis you are not the largest contributer to foreing aid, norway is. this is just something for people like mr. american and alaskaman to consider.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                         alyssa from canada
it is very interesting to see which messages i send to these pages become dematerialized. it tells me much about how mid east mind control works. for instance, in an article about overpopulation, i mean poverty, violence and , the natural conclusion would be to limit the population through abstinance or other means. but to mention the control of this kind is disallowed here.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          nihilist from ussa
in the above example, the abbreviation for aquired deficiency is mentioned in the title of the article but it was deleted from my message. earlier, i could not mention prevention of being born through mechanical means, if you know what i mean. i guess that is tied to the fact that mouselums are not allowed to tie a knot in a la.mbs intestine for use in prevention of making babies.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          nihilist from ussa
the above article ought to remind and galvanize leaders and the super rich to come together and do something for these poor children and in the process save their own souls. this is an opportunity for cleansing of their souls.they shud not let this chance slip by. billions were spent in knocking off one another out of sheer greed and stubbornness and arrogance. if there is any iota of good sense left, the big leaders and the extremely rich who have the facilities, the capacity and the clout cud lend a helping hand in tackling these problems. what is required is sincerity and genuine interest. the brains are there,the wherewithal are all there. having said all that, i have to apologise, for all this is just a dream. on landing back on hard ground, i must say that this will remain a dream given the glaring poverty of humanism evident these days.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           esa from spore
hi jesse, i see the space lady is on the rampage again. no use trying to talk to her, she is so pro terrorists that nothing could change her tune. i don't even read her posts most of the time because it's just the same old dribble over and over. isn't that "peace to the world" cute after the things that spew out her bin? what a hypocrite she is. take care jess.
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Lexi from Florida, USA
hi lexi and jessi. i think that space people might be a man. im not sure but most boys in my cl write the way he does. also i think the us voted yes to donating three hundred million dollars to sudan.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          lance from na middle school
nihilist, one thing you can definitely look forward to is the subjection to americans being forced into providing an id for "security" reasons. one day you wont be allowed to go to the places you normally would,and i love chewing on the meat whistle, whether its in a amrket, city office, etc. those who refuse to play will be fined or imprisoned. thank god, that he provides me with the proper security of italy,where i can play the meat whistle all i want, where none of these things will exist. i look forward to the freedom. i pray, that the more decent americans will see the police state activities in the us, and will leave for their own sake, and for their children
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           carlo from italia
lexi, i never get to read your posts because the people vote them off before i get here. so i gave you an award to counter balance your "bad comment". i've kept seeing post to you, but not from you. what did lexi do to s everyone off. carlos, you posted the same post in articles at least. i've replied to a couple others looking for some answers.
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            justin from CT USA
just look at lexi, the de mon seeed rainbow sn ake tr amp, has the nerves to call someone a supporter of te rro rist. all i ever read coming out of that aatefilled tr amp brain of hers are support for mrudering babies, children and adults. the girl have blood all over her hands and w o r ms in her f o u l br eath. lyyning tr amp. i like for anyone to point out one word or more where i ever supported any mruders of any kind. if they do, they are lyyying and rainbow cerreeeperen sn akes. peace to the world.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Space People from Milky Way
justin, they just make me vanish sometimes.. the "bad comment" and the "very bad comment" doesnt bother me at all. it just lets me know that i have made someone's day by ticking them off. the posts from carlos, chas, and space are a lot worse than mine but mine vanish because i tell the truth about the subject and someone just doesn't like seeing the truth on here. they would rather have the propaganda like chas and space put on. and carlo , chas doesn't live in italy, he lives in wall, sd and is a disgruntled military reject that got a dishonarable discharge. have a good day justin.
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Lexi from Florida, USA
and justin, go to the news article about ho.. mo..s and read my post if they are still there and you will see why i tick some people off. space, stop your dribbling, it's disgusting. all of your posts take up for the terrorists and put everyone else down so stop saying you don't take up for the terrorists. and carlos , chas is still chewing on meat whistles i see,well if that's his style let him chew on them. lol.. have a good justin
Very Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Lexi from Florida, USA
just look at lexi the cheap tr amp, again spe wing her liiieees. like i said, i support the innocent iraqs babies, children and adults, and innocents everywhere. no one asked u.s. to illegally invade iraq based ffo a foundation of liiiees, and then mruder them. it is sad the chaos, de st ru ction and atrocities that have been caused to all the iraqis because of this. yet we have twenty dollars tr amps like lexi who support this. shame on them. if this happened to u.s. for nineteen months, we would act worse. i can tell that by looking at the way they talk and act now. anyone could tell this by their ssttaank attitude. god help all the iraqis and innocents everywhere. peace to the world.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Space People from Milky Way
spaced out maggie, you really should go and wash your out with soap. it's starting to s...m..ell like a bin.
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            Lexi from Florida, USA
lexi the tr amp, soap, listerine, toothpaste nor peroxide would do for your mo ut h and b re ath. it been m elling since bi rt h and worse ffo now than ever. something rrr. otten is in there, could it be the blood of the innocent babies, childen and adults. take your che twenty dollars self to work and don't give any of those men you stds. loose tr amp. don't play with me. peace to the world.
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Space People from Milky Way
space people, y do u spew hat e and then proclaim "peace to the world"? i suspect you are a rainbow snake.
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                            loki from usa
hi lexi. i haven't had much time lately to "pop" in here but funny nothing has changed. i love how you always bring out the good samaritan in maggie. you're right. no point in reasoning with her. maybe tonight i'll drink a bottle of gin too and see if i can relate to her viewpoints. lol. i'm off to work. have a great one in beautiful, sunny fla.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           jesse from usa
and tr amp lexi, i also forgot to mention, don't send little school boys lance and justin to read about your support for your people. leave those children alone,they are too young to be getting into that type of stuff. we have enough happening to our children today without you reinforcing your values on them. they will growup one day and know right from wrong without your tra amp twenty dollars self teaching them anything. little justin and lance, don't pay any attention to lexi, she has nothing to teach you two. just finish your milk and go to school, learn well, have a good day. peace to the world.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Space People from Milky Way
the people should be punished for child abuse, maybe before or maybe after they have been charged with spousal abuse, because of how they deny a broad education and teach such hatreds that the children have no choice but to grow up full of red of others. as well, what kind of people send children to their end strapped with explosives? that's the abuse that must end. in cold reality, the slavery wages that are paid out are at least something compared to starvation by nothing.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Omri from Canada
loki from usa, it was said in the word, that gg. o. d.s poeple shall c r u he haed of the sn ake. it was also said, the ser pent shall bite us but it won't harm us and we shall not d i e. sometimes i let these sn akes have their way, but at other times, i have to tell them ffo after they go to far. so loki, say what you want about me, just cee who starts it first before you talk. i have been thinking that you are one of those rainbow sn akes too, so we are even. peace to the world.
Good Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Space People from Milky Way
hi jesse, i just got home from work, got off early today for a change. it doesn't take much to make spaced out maggie show her true colors and when she does she just sounds like a bar room dru nk i ng all over the i see she still didn't wash her mouth out with soap and it sm . ell s like s from here..i'm just ignoring her now and laughing at her posts. she is just to ignorant to take seriously.lance from the na middle school, you might be right. i still havent figured out just what space is but it sure sounds like a dru..nken
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Lexi from Florida, USA
lexi, i am beggining to think you are one of those freeeeaaakout strange girl that you was trying to send those two little boys over to read about today. i don't know y you alway start with me and bother me, leave me alone freeeeaakout girl, i am not interest. find some other woman for your woman on woman love. i don't go that way. also, leave that dope and boooze alone, those things are where your problems stem from. it make you think unclean thoughts, you crreereep. peace to the world.
Standard Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Space People from Milky Way
david from canada why dont you tell us the great things that the canadians are doing to help world hunger. its easy to say someone else is wrong but difficult to look in the mirror at yourself. i know why we dont here much from the canadians. there down in miami on the beach with their black socks and sandels. they dont have much to do with world politics but they sure know how to make a fashion statment.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                          Gary from Resonable USA
space, you have three degrees? you were a vietnam draft dodger? you were teaching in a classroom next to the towers on that awful sept. day? i am so confused by your comments on another page. you are a fundamental khristian but you cuss like a truckdriver? you once threatened to stomp on lexi's throat? i hear something slithering and the rainbow colors are blinding me. who are you?? some of your thoughts are almost lucid, sometimes. is the dribble thing just an act?
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           jesse from usa
gary, we canadians will share our food with everyone in the world. we eat canadian beaver for breakfast lunch and dinner. all you want and at varying prices dependent on physical states of the meal. anyone want to order some today?
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Omri from Canada
space, are you still drinking that booze? and you haven't cleaned up your language yet either have you. i like men so if your trying to hit on me all i have to say is you picked the wrong one for that now stop drinking so much and do something productive with your sorry life..
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Lexi from Florida, USA
lexi, have you ever tried to read loudly space maggie's comment with hiphop music in a form of rap? i did and i'm taken by its glamour. space maggie could you please rhyme your comments? so dizzy text shouldn't be waisted..
Excellent Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                             Piotr from Poland
piotr from poland, i never thought of that but it does sound like a hiphop rap.per. when you say it out loud. now we know what space maggie is, one of those dir..ty talking omri, you can keep your canadian ground hog,none is wanted in the us, thanks anyhow..
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Lexi from Florida, USA
everybody calm down now, you guys couldn't see i was being sarcastic with my posts? lol...i'm just bored since i have nothing else to do..i see that my posts hav made some ppl mad haha peace to the world.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                             Space People from Milky Way
alright creereper pu nk, the person who is using my name, get your own name de mon. there is no way in the world that i wuold k i s s up to these tr amps. so get the smiles off of ur faces because it is not going to happen. you all started with me, so be ready to be told ffo, unless you want to apologize. ms. poland girl, i don't know what statement or stand against me you are trying to make, but clean it up girl, because u will be next on my sht list. peace to the world.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Space People from Milky Way
space, u r such a scapegoat. who would even want to impersonate u. such a slandering piece of t r a s h
Bad Comment  (Click to Rate) IP Address:                             jesse from usa
you would want to impersonate me, the same person who is using jesse name now. i see u are a real spineless person. you have to get up pretty early in the morning to foooool me creereeper. i know how to check numbers regarless of the name a person put on it. numbers do not liiieee. if i wanted to, i could find out who you are. you should ask somebody, i did it some times before and they were very surrise,that they said to me, "darn you are good." to tell you the truth, it really don't make any different to me who you are and i don't care, because i know that you are we ak. god bless you, because you can't even compete. peace to the world.
 (Click to Rate) IP Address:                           Space People from Milky Way
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U.S. soldier sentenced to 3 years for killing Iraqi teen
Peace talks on Darfur crisis to resume
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Israeli army admits violating purity of arms
Pakistan arrests leader of UN kidnappers
Iran to continue EU nuclear talks amid new allegations
Lebanese media officials threaten France
Israel PM invites Labour to government  
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