(3) Open Seminar:
Tackling Child Poverty: Lessons from the UK and New Frontiers in Japan



Venue: Doshisha University, Kyoto
Time: January 9th, 2012 10:00~17:00

10.00 — Opening Words
Toshiaki Tachibanaki, Doshisha University

10.10 — Session 1: Child Benefits
Jonathan Bradshaw, University of York:
The New Government and Family Related Benefits in the UK

Michihiko Tokoro, Osaka City University:
Policy Responses to Child Poverty and the Limits of Japanese Welfare System: Lessons from Child Benefit Reform

12.00 — Lunch

10.10 — Session 2: Understanding Child Poverty and Social Exclusion
Moderator: Hirotoshi Yano, Mukogawa Women's University

Esther Dermott, University of Bristol:
Promoting Parenting: a UK response to improving outcomes for children

Comment: Aya ABE (IPSS)

Ichiro Matsumoto, Hokkaido University:
Child poverty and 'overlapping disadvantages'

Comment: Christina Pantazis (University of Bristol)

14.45 — Break

10.10 — Session 3 Tackling Child Poverty
Moderator: M.Mensendiek, Doshisha University

Naomi Yuzawa, Rikkyo University:
Child poverty and social work

Comment: Aya ABE (IPSS)

T. Uzuhashi, Doshsiha University:
Enhancing 'Competency of Children in Poverty (in Japanese)
Poverty and Competency of Children (in English)

Comment: David Gordon (University of Bristol)

16.45 — Closing Words

17.15 — Close

Naomi Yuzawa

Makoto Yuasa is a social activist in Japan, the secretary-general of the non-profit Anti-Poverty Network and NPO "Moyai"—Independent Life Support Centre, the former advisor of the Cabinet Office (the secretary-general of the poverty and the poor support team of Emergency Employment Strategy Department, the head of Cabinet Secretariat's Disaster Volunteer Coordination Office and Cabinet Secretariat's Office for Social Inclusion). He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo in 1995, and completed the Doctorate Program at Graduate School for Law and Politics. Since the 1990s, he has helped to pioneer social movements for the homeless, casual workers and "net café refugees". Also he continues to address the poverty issues in contemporary Japan from the field, such as accusing the "Poverty Business" on exploiting the needy. He established the "Asia Worker's Network" in 2003 and worked on building the network for anti-poverty in 2007. At the end of 2008, he worked with a variety of social groups to establish the "New Year Temporary Workers' Village" (Toshikoshi Haken Mura) in Tokyo Hibiya Park, served as the head of village. He was awarded the 14th Peace & Cooperative Journalist Fund Award and the 8th Osaragi Jiro Tribune Prize in 2008 for his book Anti-Poverty: Escape from Society Slide (Iwanami Shisho, 2008).

Selected Recent Publications

Poverty Invasion (in Japanese), Yamabuki (2007)

Cannot Take it Any More! Spread Poverty: Seeking Reproduction of Human Life (in Japanese), with Utsunomiya, K. and Inomata, T., Akashi Shoten (2007)

Anti-Poverty: Escape from Society Slide (in Japanese), Iwanami Shisho (2008)

Anti-Poverty Schools (in Japanese), with Utsunomiya, K., Akashi Shoten (2008)

Anti-Poverty Schools 2 (in Japanese), with Utsunomiya, K., Akashi Shoten (2009)

Drill through the Rock: Work of "Activist" Makoto Yuasa (in Japanese), Bunshun (2009)

Do not Come, Poverty! (in Japanese), Rironsha, (2009)

Youth and Poverty: Now, the Hope from Here (in Japanese), with Togashi, M., Uema, Y. and Nihei, N. (eds.), Akashi Shoten (2009)

Find the Light in the Darkness: From the Scene of Poverty and Suicide (in Japanese), with Shimizu, Y., Iwanami (2010)