Recruiter training

Recruiters can have a pivotal role in patients’ decision to participate in randomised controlled trials (RCTs) but they have been shown to experience practical and emotional challenges in approaching and discussing trials with potential participants.

The QuinteT team have developed evidence-based training to raise awareness of the emotional and intellectual challenges of recruiting to RCTs. Interactive workshops are delivered separately to surgeons and research nurses, with a focus on sharing experience and evidence-based suggestions to optimise informed consent and trial recruitment. The 1-day event equips delegates to communicate equipoise, explain randomisation and address patients’ treatment preferences effectively. Recruiters report increased confidence and a positive impact on recruitment practice (paper forthcoming).

Forthcoming workshop

The next workshop, in conjunction with ConDuCT-II Hub and Bristol Centre for Surgical Research, will be for surgeons on Friday 12th January 2018.

You can find full details here: Optimising recruitment into surgical RCTs: A focused workshop for surgeons

To book a space, please email

Short courses

The Bristol Medical Social also runs an extensive programme of short courses.

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