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We've almost reached the ROCS patient target!

25 July 2018

ROCS (radiotherapy after oesophageal cancer stenting study) ( is nearing the end. There are only 3 patients needed to reach the 220 target.

It has been a challenging study to recruit to as many suitable patients are nearing the end of life, so do not want to be troubled by participating in a study or do not want to travel to central Bristol for radiotherapy. The timing of being approached about the study often means that patients decline too. Often the patient has just been diagnosed with cancer and has just had or is about to have an oesophageal stent placed.

One of the ways we have managed this in Bristol is to do the consent visit at the patients home. This means that patients don’t feel under pressure in hospital to make a decision or that they do not have to come back at a later date to sign the consent form.

Amanda Portal, the researcher working on ROCS, visits the patients at home at a convenient time once they have been given the patient information leaflet in hospital and have had a chance to think about it and discuss with family members. This home visit provides an opportunity for them to ask questions in the comfort of their home (often over a cup of tea!) and to consent if they wish to. As a centre, Bristol has been able to recruit patients who may have otherwise declined the study in hospital when initially approached about it.

Bristol are currently 2nd on the leader board for recruitment and the Bristol Centre for Surgical Research would like to thank our colleagues at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and Weston General Hospitals.

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