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IDEAL 2018 to be held in Bristol

19 September 2017

We are really excited to announce that the IDEAL 2018 conference will be held in Bristol 13 and 14th September at the MShed. IDEAL (Idea, Development, Evaluation, Assessment and Long term Evaluation) is a framework for translation of surgical innovations into practice. It was originally established in 2009 and published as a series of detailed papers in the Lancet (No surgical innovation without evaluation: the IDEAL recommendations. McCulloch P, et al Lancet. 2009 Sep 26;374(9695):1105-12. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(09)61116-8.) Although the papers have been highly cited – there has been little uptake of IDEAL recommendations and surgical innovation continues without due regulation or reporting.

In the Surgical Innovation theme of the Bristol Biomedical Research Centre we hope to address this issue. We hope to facilitate safe and transparent surgical innovation with improved methods for optimising patient consent, outcome selection, measurement and reporting and intervention design and monitoring. Hosting the conference is a fantastic opportunity to bring together the key leaders and clinicians in this field. We hope you will consider attending and more information to follow!

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