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New UK Parliament web hub for academic researchers

1 December 2017

'Research Impact at the UK Parliament' provides comprehensive information for researchers and universities on how they can engage with Parliament.

The Research Impact at the UK Parliament hub answers three key questions:

•      What is Parliament interested in?

•      How does Parliament use research?

•      Why engage with Parliament?

It provides essential information on ways to engage with Parliament and stay up to date, as well as contact details of parliamentary teams and staff who work with research to support Parliamentarians.

The pages feature a variety of case studies in which researchers from across the UK, and from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, write about their experiences of working with a number of parliamentary offices.

The launch of these pages coincides with that of a new report by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology and University College London: ‘The Role of Research in the UK Parliament’.

This report, which is available online, examines how MPs, Peers and staff define and use research, and explores the diverse routes through which research is mobilised throughout Parliament.

Further information

For more information, please contact Dr Sarah Foxen

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