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Injecting history into UK policymaking, a new initiative

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27 October 2016

From 2017 the University of Bristol will begin a partnership with History & Policy, a body tasked with injecting the lessons of history (good and bad) into policymaking. We look forward to developing close ties with History and Policy and with its other partners: King’s College London and the universities of Cambridge, Sheffield, Edinburgh, and Leeds.

Government is increasingly aware that an understanding of history can improve policy making.

For example, with the government now committed to an active industrial policy, the new Department of Business, Education and Industrial Strategy is talking to historians, including University of Bristol historian Dr Pemberton, about past experiences of industrial strategy. Bristol academics have in the past contributed their historical expertise to a range of other government departments (including the Treasury, Foreign Office, Ministry of Defence and Department of Environment) and non-governmental organizations such as Friends of the Earth and Save The Children.

Since 2002, History & Policy has built excellent relationships with British government, policy makers and third sector bodies, and developed considerable expertise in public policy access and impact.

But much more could be done and the newly expanded History and Policy will generate a wealth of ideas for events, papers and projects which aim to put professional history much more firmly at the heart of policymaking than it is at the moment.

Further information

This initiative involves University of Bristol colleagues across the faculties of Arts and Social Sciences and Law. For more information, please contact the local coordinator Dr Hugh Pemberton in the Department of History.

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