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Policy briefing: Care homes need urgent review

4 November 2014

The Policy Briefing: Care homes need urgent review by Dr. Helen Manchester, University of Bristol and Dr. Liz Lloyd, University of Bristol discusses how we can improve the quality of life of older people in care homes.

There is growing concern about our ability as a society to cope with the care demands of increasingly ageing populations. Recent media coverage has drawn attention to the poor standard of care available in many care home settings and the increasing pressure on these services.

There are currently over 20,000 care homes in the UK, supporting 400,000 older people. It is well documented that social isolation and depression are huge and growing problems in care homes, impacting on residents’ quality of life, physical health, and even mortality.

Through two research projects academics and practitioners are exploring how care homes might be re-imagined. The Tangible Memories project aims to improve the quality of life for care home residents by building a sense of community and shared experience through exploration of residents’ life history stories. The Healthy Ageing in Residential Places (HARP) project focuses on identifying what makes a care home a good place to live and work, through drawing comparisons between care homes in Britain, Canada, Norway and Sweden.

You can read the Policy Briefing: 'Care homes need urgent review' by Dr. Helen Manchester and Dr. Liz Lloyd of the University of Bristol.

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