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PolicyBriefing: Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015

2 December 2014

The PolicyBriefing Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015: Defence must close the civil-military gap (policy_briefing (PDF, 278kB)) explores the challenges facing UK defence in preparation for a major Strategic Defence and Security Review to take place in 2015

Military-society relations in Britain are complex and changing. The UK is currently navigating a series of challenges in this area, including: how to fund and sustain the armed forces to fulfil their missions; how to recruit and retain service men and women; how to ensure an appropriate duty of care for service personnel and their families; and how to accommodate changing societal expectations in relation to social diversity and conditions of employment. These issues are often downplayed in debates on British defence and security. However, they are likely to significantly influence the legitimacy and sustainability of the governments major Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) of 2015.
Bristol University’s Global Insecurities Centre recently hosted a workshop , funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, to consider these challenges. The workshop panels addressed the topics: Military and Society; Public and Military Perceptions; Society in the Military; and The Military in Society. The workshop_report (PDF, 305kB)is available for download.
This PolicyBriefing, by Professor Timothy Edmunds, University of Bristol, Professor Andrew Dorman, King’s College London and Professor David Dunn, University of Birmingham presents the workshop’s findings and implications for policy.


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