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Management as consultancy: new book published

19 February 2015

Managers are taking on the role of consultants and threatening the future of management consultancy. Management consultancy is a multi-billion dollar industry, yet recent research shows that its future may be threatened by an increasing trend of managers adopting consultancy practices as their own.

Professor Andrew Sturdy from the University of Bristol, who was lead investigator on the project, said: “Our research was based on a large-scale, international study of management practices which clearly showed that managers are becoming more like management consultants in focusing on change, projects and clients.”

The potential impact of this trend could be significant for the management consultancy industry. As Andrew explained “it now faces threats not only from other professional services companies, but also from its clients. But it is too early to say if the bubble has burst...” Find out more in this 2 minute video 

The research findings will be available in a book, Management as Consultancy, published by Cambridge University Press on 19 February 2015. The authors are Andrew Sturdy (University of Bristol), Christopher Wright (University of Sydney) and Nick Wylie (Oxford Brookes University).

Further information

A flyer with further information is available to download: flyer (PDF, 145kB)

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